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Smaller than Expected Tax Refund? Three Things You Should Consider

Did you do your tax return and discover that your refund won’t be as large as you thought? Finding out that you won’t get the money you counted on can be very upsetting. Many people use their tax refunds to pay for large annual expenses like property taxes or insurance or to put away for […]

How to Cope with Cleaning Out Your Loved One’s Closet

One of the many tasks that have to be taken care of when a loved one dies is to go through his or her possessions and decide what to do with them. This can be very emotional especially when you don’t have much time to get it done because the home needs to be vacated […]

How to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones from Scams and Financial Abuse

According to a report by AARP, the rate of elder financial exploitation has more than doubled since the pandemic began with COVID-related scams resulting in an estimated $100 million in losses in 2020 alone. In addition, older adults are not the only victims. In 2021, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that adults between 18 […]

Do You Have a ‘Just-in-Case’ Box?

At the beginning of COVID, many people who lost loved ones found themselves scrambling to figure out how to handle legal and financial issues. This was particularly true if the individual who passed away was the person who handled finances for the family. Unfortunately, such problems are very common irrespective of COVID. The best way […]

11 Things That Should Be on Your Year-End Checklist

For many people, the last weeks of the year are a scramble to get necessary tasks completed along with preparing for the holidays. To help ensure you don’t miss anything crucial, here are a few things you should do by December 31st to help your finances this year and next: Determine your budget for holiday […]

What to Look for in a Daily Money Manager

Are you having trouble managing your own or your loved one’s day-to-day finances? If so, you may want to speak with a daily money manager. Most people have no idea what a daily money manager does. He or she is a professional who assists people with managing the non-investment side of their daily financial life, […]

The Direct and Indirect Costs of Divorce

Pain, sadness, regret, disappointment…divorce can be emotionally fraught for families. In addition to the emotional cost, there can be a steep financial cost as well, some of which are immediate and others that can have long-term consequences. In the short term, many considerations have financial implications once a couple has reached the difficult decision to […]

September 13, 2022 Post Comment Divorce

Fatherly Financial Advice

In “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Robert T. Kiyosaki laid out the advice that he says the wealthy pass on to their children. Whether rich or poor, many fathers try to guide their children toward financial responsibility. In honor of Father’s Day this month, we offer some fatherly advice for managing money. Hard work pays off. […]

May 29th is 529 Day!

This month, thousands of young adults will march to the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” as they receive their college diplomas. Even if your children are years away from donning a cap and gown, experts advise that it is never too early to begin saving for college. May 29 is 529 day, a day to […]

Paying it Forward

April 18 is right around the corner, which means that for last minute tax return filers, this is crunch time! Whether you prepare you own tax return, use a service or have an accountant, you most likely need to invest some time pulling together your paperwork – W2s, 1098s, 1099s. At the same time, you’re […]

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