Daily Money Management For The Families of Seniors

Few situations challenge today’s families more than filling the needs of their aging loved ones.  In many ways, the problems are new: We’re living longer, may be geographically distant from each other, and are subject to more intense time pressures than ever before.

More and more of us belong to “the sandwich generation,” torn between the needs of our children, careers, and aging parents or other relatives.

LK Daily Money Management offers a solution to handling the business aspects of aging. We manage the financial affairs of seniors, taking care of their everyday obligations, and help guard them against fraud. We assume exactly the degree of responsibility the family wants and provide regular reports in the formats they find useful.

Our goals are to help seniors maintain their independence for as long as possible, while bringing peace of mind to families whose distance, hectic schedules and multiple responsibilities make it hard for them to act as business administrators.

We can:

  • Pay household bills or set up and monitor automatic payment systems
  • Review and reconcile bank, credit card and investment statements
  • Assist with entitlements such as medicare and medicaid
  • Review insurance reimbursements for accuracy
  • Set up a realistic, practical budget
  • Advocate with medical providers, creditors, financial institutions, insurers and government agencies
  • Provide referrals to accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, care managers and others—and coordinate relationships
  • Help prevent disagreements  among family members
  • Organize and maintain family and financial records
  • Keep family in touch with their seniors’ general situation and well-being
  • Serve in a fiduciary capacity as trustee or power of attorney

Lewis Knopf is a member of the sandwich generation who has been responsible for the financial affairs of his own parents and other relatives. He understands how stressful and frustrating this role can be––and how time-consuming.

His personal goal: to use his management skills and business expertise to give families and their loved ones the freedom to use their time together in the ways that they most wish to.

Lewis Knopf, LK’s President is fully insured, a Certified Senior Advisor, and the President of the American Association of Daily Money Managers. He is active in the community and is a past member of the Board of United Hebrew in New Rochelle, NY.

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