Daily Money Management For Busy Professionals And Travelers

If you’re a busy executive, or operate a small business, you probably find yourself wearing too many hats and enormously pressed for time. Do you feel that the hours spent in organizing your records, paying bills and handling paperwork could be more productively invested?

Or, if you’re a person who travels often for business or pleasure, is it a burden to meet your everyday financial obligations? Maintain the flow of routine financial paperwork and pay your bills on time? Catch and correct discrepancies in banking statements?

LK Money Management offers highly affordable services to streamline your everyday financial affairs and make your work and personal life easier.  By freeing you from the financial detail, we enable you to focus your energies the way you want—whether it’s growing your business or spending more time with your family. It’s like having a personal business manager at very affordable rates.

We can:

  • Create an efficient, easy-to-use everyday system that streamlines your financial activities
  • Teach you to use the most effective online software
  • Produce useful reports to monitor expenses and cash flow
  • Review and pay your routine bills
  • Monitor banking and credit card statements and get errors corrected
  • Organize and maintain your records
  • Organize and prepare your tax documents for your accountant
  • Prepare financial correspondence
  • Handle insurance and medical claims, track payments and resolve errors
  • Prepare regular statements to update you on your financial situation
  • Oversee any special financial obligations efficiently

Lewis Knopf, LK’s President plans programs that meet your needs based on his wide experience in the financial and technology industries. He is an expert designer of financial systems and a highly skilled manager, negotiator and problem-solver.  For your protection he is fully insured, and is the President of the American Association of Daily Money Managers.

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