Out of the quagmire of many hours with forms and bills and such you came to us like soothing balm to help with your special touch. How fortunate to meet a man — compassionate, caring and smart. To offer help and clear the way for us to make a good start to straighten out our financial life and guide us through the Medicaid maze so hopefully Carol can enjoy some future brighter days.


Lewis Knopf has been managing the finances for two of my very close family members, and he has been doing a phenomenal job! They are retired seniors and due to a number of circumstances, are unable to take care of financial matters. Lewis is on top of everything. His communications with Banks, Agencies, Social Service Organizations, Health Care Professionals, Vendors, Utility Companies, Phone Companies, Accountants, Attorneys and more, have always had positive outcomes. He has saved time and money by his attention to detail and his ability to cut through red tape. In addition, he has access to a broad network of professionals in every field and can reach out to these key contacts should a need arise. Lewis is honest, personable, patient and kind and he listens carefully to his clients as well as to concerned members of the family. He addresses issues immediately and one can feel very confident that everything will be taken care of.

Rhoda Pedowitz

I am eager to share what I have experienced with Lewis Knopf as a valued Financial Advisor and his impact on the quality of my life. Lewis came to my attention through my Elder Care attorney when my husband, Melvin, was in an advancing stage of Alzheimer’s disease. At that time, we were fortunate to have a live-in aide helping with my husband’s care. We were in great need of gathering and coordinating accurate documentation and financial records over a five year period should my husband need nursing the difficult challenge possible. In addition to his financial expertise and experience, Lewis’ patient and reassuring manner made the difficult challenge possible. He assisted by writing to the banks, speaking directly to agencies on my behalf in my presence, as well as overseeing and anticipating what might be needed. I also became increasingly aware of the emotional cost of caregiving and the slow loss of my husband, with new unexpected financial responsibilities that at times seemed overwhelming. At 82, a retired high school art teacher, I was also concerned about my own health, now with a pacemaker, and the future of our beloved home as well as family. Now that my husband has been in a nursing facility for more than a year, with Medicaid approval, I have had the strong desire to remain in my beloved home, filled with memories, where we have lived for 53 years. Lewis has been instrumental in helping me with my budget, planning and aided with a Reverse Mortgage. When I have faltered with concern about practical matters and the future, his has been the reassuring, caring voice, helping me regain my emotional balance. I find it extremely rare to find in one individual, someone who inspires trust, offers practical guidance and support, yet combines a humanistic and compassionate approach when we are most vulnerable. I feel very fortunate to have Lewis make such a considerable difference in my life and am confidant these qualities and his ethical awareness can be of considerable benefit to others as well.

Constance Wain Schwartz

My husband and I are presently living in an assisted living facility. Lewis Knopf has been caring for us for several years. He handles all our finances, which entails overseeing investments and paying bills. He visits us and also takes care of our special needs. We trust him completely and recommend him to anyone in need of his services.

Francis Cohen90 year old resident of assisted living facility

I am an attorney who practices in the elder law, estate planning and special needs areas of the law.  I had a client who needed someone to manage her finances. She has children who do not get along: picking all of them as trustees or one as trustee over the others would have been disastrous.  About a year ago, I asked Lewis to step in as trustee and he has been amazing.  In addition to mediating between the children, Lewis has successfully dealt with a myriad of personal, insurance and financial issues.  He is competent, professional, kind, patient and a real godsend to my client.  I highly recommend his services.

Michael L. PfeiferAttorney at LawLaw Office of Michael L. Pfeifer, P.C.Garden City, NY

As an attorney practicing in the fields of trusts and estates and elder planning for the past fourteen years, I can attest that it is rare to come across someone such as yourself who has the ability to dissect and analyze all aspects of a client’s affairs so thoroughly and professionally, yet also be compassionate, devoted and sensitive to the client’s needs.  You have been a tremendous help to me with my clients, and I look forward to continuing working with you in the future.

Philip V. BouklasAttorney at LawBouklas and Associates, PLLCNew York, NY