Daily Money Managers (DMMs) are professionals who provide personal assistance to clients who need help managing their day-to-day financial affairs. They adhere to a strict code of ethics. The American Association of Daily Money Managers offers extensive  information about the role and services of  DMMs.
A Certified Senior Advisor is a professional who has specialized knowledge about aging and the important health, financial and social issues that affect the majority of seniors. Certification requires candidates to fulfill a set of specific educational requirements. They must also pass the CSA exam, and adhere to the CSA Code of Professional Responsibility. Learn more about Certified Senior Advisors.
Our clients come to us for varied reasons.  They can include anyone who does not have the time, desire or ability to manage their financial affairs, such as:

  • Senior citizens needing assistance paying bills or sorting out insurance papers
  • Divorcees, widows or widowers needing help organizing their daily finances
  • Adult children of an older person who live far away or do not have time to maintain their parents’ affairs
  • Busy individuals, travelers or retirees who would rather spend their time doing other things
  • Families/spouses sorting out a loved one’s estate

Yes!  We work closely with your financial advisors, attorneys, accountants and other advisors.  We do not take the place of these professionals, we work in tandem with them to facilitate the completion of your day-to-day needs.  We do not provide legal, investment or financial planning advice but if needed, we can refer you to a professional.
We at LK Daily Money Management are bound by the standards and ethics of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) and the Society of Certified Senior Advisors (CSA). The privacy of our clients is of utmost concern to us. Your information will never directly or indirectly be disclosed to any person without your consent unless required by a governmental agency.
You will receive a monthly statement from us showing all bills paid, amounts and dates. We will also forward to you important information regarding terms and conditions that arrive with statements, bills or credit cards.
The initial consultation is free of charge. Our fee for the work is based on an hourly rate, because the amount of time involved in handling each case varies.
We take great satisfaction in our clients’ very positive response to the work we do together. Our ability to help them gain a sense of control over their finances and paperwork typically restores their sense of well-being and ability to enjoy life.
Call us at (516) 528-0206 or e-mail us to set up a no-cost, no obligation meeting where we will talk together about the services that will help you. You will learn how LK Daily Money Management can work with you to free you from burdensome paperwork and make your life, or that of a loved one, less complicated.