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Smaller than Expected Tax Refund? Three Things You Should Consider

Did you do your tax return and discover that your refund won’t be as large as you thought? Finding out that you won’t get the money you counted on can be very upsetting. Many people use their tax refunds to pay for large annual expenses like property taxes or insurance or to put away for […]

Men’s Health Month

With Father’s Day falling squarely in the middle of June, what better time to focus on the health of not only dads, but all the men in our lives? Since 1994, June has been designated as Men’s Health Month, a time to shine the spotlight on the many healthcare issues that affect men. And while […]

Celebrating Senior Citizen Day [August 21st]

          “Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.” The source of this famous quote is unknown, but the words still ring true. August 21 is National Senior Citizen Day, a time to celebrate all those who have enjoyed the privilege of growing older. Rest assured; this […]

Resolutions for Seniors

It’s 2020!  Gyms are overcrowded, cigarette sales are dropping, and for the next couple of weeks people will enthusiastically, albeit perhaps temporarily adhere to their resolutions.  While self-improvement is an admirable goal, resolutions made in January are often unsustainable.  With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for resolutions that won’t be too difficult […]

Resource for sleep related disorders

Check out this link for important information about sleep related disorders:  

The Importance of Sleep for Seniors

Many people begin to experience sleep problems as they age. The elderly find themselves unable to easily fall asleep or incapable of sleeping through the night. What starts out as a nuisance can turn into a serious issue, with energy, stamina, and health compromised by the inability to get a “good night’s” sleep. Sleep is […]

Organize Important Papers Now

You never know when something will happen, do you? In the blink of an eye an emergency can occur that is fraught with stress and emotion. Decisions must be made and important papers and documentation are required but are nowhere to be found. This is a difficult situation that befalls many seniors and their caregivers. […]

How to Help Seniors On Election Day

Let me ask you: do you have a senior loved one who is going to vote in this year’s election? Do you know why it is important that s/he does vote? Are you prepared to assist them? Regardless of age, casting a ballot in local, state, and federal elections is both a civic duty and […]

Newly Divorced and Don’t Have Time For Paperwork? A Daily Money Manager Can Help!

Getting divorced isn’t easy. Acrimonious or not, divorce represents a huge change in well, pretty much everything. There are new roles and responsibilities, a re-engineering of how you spend your time and with whom – lots of adjustments must be made. And sometimes it can be overwhelming, for on top of what might be a […]

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Medicare Will Cover My Stay in a Rehabilitation Facility. Mmm, Maybe Not!

Consider this. You have Medicare coverage. You’ve been in the hospital for three or four days and your doctor determines that you need to go to a rehabilitation facility (also referred to as a Skilled Nursing Facility – SNF) for further treatment. Great! You think help is on the way and of course, Medicare will […]