Daily Money Management For Seniors and Retirees

Today, we anticipate leading long healthy lives and want to savor our retirement. We’re ready to devote time to our families, our leisure activities, our favorite pastimes, and perhaps travel. But complicated paperwork intrudes on that time, and may be a burden that we no longer want to handle or find increasingly hard.

Many seniors may also face changing environments: a new place to live, or transformed financial circumstances. Then especially, we often find far too much tedious paperwork demanding our energies.

LK Daily Money Management can help you maintain your independence, stay in your home as long as you want to, and spend that most precious resource, time, in the ways you want.

We can:

  • Organize, review and pay your bills on time
  • Monitor credit card statements and resolve billing errors
  • Create a practical, realistic budget
  • Maintain your records
  • Prepare checks for signature
  • Oversee your banking and reconcile discrepancies
  • Track medical and insurance claims—and get mistakes fixed
  • Keep you abreast of your financial situation with regular reports
  • Assist with entitlements such as Medicare and Medicaid
  • Help prevent disagreements among family members
  • Help protect you from identity theft or fraud
  • Advocate with medical providers, creditors, financial institutions, insurers and government agencies
  • Connect you with the right accounting, legal, financial planning, healthcare and other specialists as needed and coordinate their work
  • Act in a fiduciary capacity as trustee or power of attorney

Lewis personally handles all elements of daily money management for seniors. He’s a seasoned professional who chose this work as his second career, and a member of the “sandwich generation” who has taken on the money management responsibilities for seniors in his own family.

Lewis Knopf, LK’s President is an experienced financial systems executive and a highly skilled manager, negotiator and problem-solver.   He is fully insured, is a Certified Senior Advisor, and the President of the American Association of Daily Money Managers.

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