You never know when something will happen, do you?

In the blink of an eye an emergency can occur that is fraught with stress and emotion. Decisions must be made and important papers and documentation are required but are nowhere to be found. This is a difficult situation that befalls many seniors and their caregivers.

Getting your important papers in order and being prepared BEFORE a critical incident occurs can help you make better decisions in a crisis and provide you with peace of mind.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to start organizing your papers to make certain that they are accessible for when you need them.

These vital documents, by category, include:

Insurance cards (Medicaid, Medicare, Employer, Supplemental)
Long-term care insurance policy
Life and health insurance policies

Durable power of attorney
Mortgage and title documents
Will and trust documents

List of bank accounts and their numbers
Saving bonds, stock certificates
Credit and loan information
Pension documents
Tax returns
List of safe deposit boxes and location of the keys

Living will
Health care proxy
Personal medical history
Organ donor cards
List of medications/allergies

Social security cards
Pre-planning documents
List of online passwords
Military records
Vehicle title
Marriage and/or divorce documents
Birth certificate
List of important personal property

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by simply looking at this list, consider this – just imagine what it would be like having to locate these important papers if a loved one was taken ill or passed away? It can be paralyzing.

Take my advice and organize your important papers proactively when you are not reacting to a stressful and negative situation. You can move at your own pace and do a little at a time. You, your family and your loved ones will be happy that you did.

If you’d like suggestions of books or pamphlets that can help you organize these documents and other important information, contact us at:

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