Winter can be tough for most everyone but especially so for senior adults. The weather is cold and nasty, slippery sidewalks and roads make getting outside almost impossible, and the shortened days and longer hours of darkness add to the gloom that may lay heavy at this time of year. Staying inside without ample opportunities for socializing and being more sedentary can exacerbate a decline in physical and mental health.

For seniors, it’s important to beat the winter blues with these helpful tips:

Enjoy the sunshine

It may be cold, but when the sun is shining bright it’s time to get outside even for just a few minutes. The fresh air coupled with a glowing sun can feel invigorating and lift the spirits. Dress in a warm coat, hat, and gloves, and you can even enjoy the cold temperature without much of a problem.

Engage in exercise

There are many ways to get exercise even when there is inclement weather. YouTube is filled with exercises specifically adapted for senior adults. Most of these exercise programs can be done at home with little or no props or equipment. Of course, if the weather isn’t too harsh a walk outside with friends is a great way to stave the lethargy that comes with the season.

Schedule time with friends and family

At this time of year it is even more important to have social activities scheduled and on the calendar. Happy anticipation of an outing or family get-together can do a lot to ward off depression caused by being “shut in” as a result of the weather.

Make certain to eat healthy

Nutrition is important in any season, and while there may not be the same abundance of fruits and vegetables as found in the summer, eating a healthful diet is far from impossible. Apples, oranges, and root vegetables are readily available, and there are even frozen berries to help bring some summer into the home.

Stay positive

Although it might seem that it’s going on “forever”, winter will finally come to an end. Stay focused on the warmer temperatures that lie ahead and start making those plans for picnics, walks in the park or days at the beach. The time will be here soon enough.

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