Nursing Home VisitThe time has come. Mom and/or Dad are no longer able to care for themselves so it is now necessary to hire a caregiver to help tend to their needs. It’s an important decision and can be fraught with lots of concerns. Here are some important points that will help you when choosing a caregiver for your loved ones.

Before starting your search, make a comprehensive list of all of the duties and responsibilities that you would like handled by the caregiver. This is an important step in order for you to identify the right individual with all of the required competencies to take care of what needs to be done. Does your loved one only need help with cooking, cleaning the house, shopping, and companionship, etc.? If yes, then a “Companion” from a companion care agency is what you will need. If assistance with bathing, dressing, and toileting is needed then a licensed “Home Health Aide” from a reputable agency needs to be hired.

Consider the parameters of the position. Do you need a full-time live-in caregiver or can someone come in on a daily basis? Do you require someone to work full-time but live outside the home or would a few hours a day be sufficient? Be logical in this emotion-filled time and think about the pros and cons of each scenario. Then you can have your questions formulated before you contact an agency.

Many people feel they can benefit from hiring someone privately, as an independent contractor. Be aware that both the federal government and many states consider any caregiver working in the home to be an employee of the hiring individual and not an independent contractor. Hiring privately has many other disadvantages over hiring from a reputable agency.If you do hire privately, be sure to speak with your accountant, insurance agent and/or other professionals to set up the appropriate structure and put worker’s compensation and disability insurances in place so you will be in compliance with state and federal laws.

Speaking with contacts and friends who are in the same situation, getting their advice and perhaps their recommendations can be a huge help. They can share what worked and of course, what didn’t, and save you
from experiencing the very same mishaps as you go about your search.

You are hiring a person who will play an important role in your loved one’s life. You should not have to “settle” for a caregiver but rather you should bring in someone who you believe will be able to provide the kind of care that your loved one deserves.

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