Staying Close Even When We’re Apart

As predicted, Coronavirus cases began to rise after Thanksgiving weekend, causing many families to plan to stay home for the rest of the winter holidays. The new CDC guidelines call for limiting holiday gatherings all the way through the New Year. Of course, just because we cannot gather in person does not mean the holidays are cancelled. While we adapt our celebrations, it’s important to make a special effort to reach out to those who are most vulnerable to both the virus and the isolation.

Here are a few ways to make sure our older relatives are not feeling lonely or neglected this holiday season!

Window Visits

While we cannot all gather indoors this season, we can gather on the other side of a window. If the weather permits, gather some supplies and head over to visit the grandparents. Just remember to stay outside! If you bring a folding table and food and the weather cooperates, you could even have Christmas or New Year’s dinner together.

Video Chat

Similar to a window visit, video calling your loved ones offers a host of options for holiday cheer. With a laptop or phone, your relatives are just on the other side of a screen. Consider preparing the same type of meal while on a call. This way when you sit down to eat, you are truly sharing a holiday dinner.

Letters and Cards

While technology is excellent for bringing us all together, the more traditional ways of spreading holiday cheer continue to have their own appeal. Handwriting letters and mailing out holiday cards is a fun way to feel nostalgic and festive. And the recipient can go back and read your message over and over again.

Video Recordings

The holidays are all about traditions, and many people feel the most left out when they cannot take part in their family’s annual rites. To take the sting out of our inability to all be together this year, use your imagination and creativity. Ask everyone in the family to record a video of themselves performing the yearly tradition, then gather all the clips into a single video to share with the entire family so that everyone feels they have taken part this year.

While being together is the highlight of the holiday season for many, this year presents an opportunity to reconnect with the true spirit of the season. By staying apart, we demonstrate our concern for one another and our commitment to something larger than our own wants and desires. Social distancing this holiday season gives all of us our best chance of being able to celebrate together again next year.

Whatever your celebrations look like this year, we at LK Money Management wish you a very safe and happy holiday season!