Portrait of the old woman in the winter

Sleet and slush, icy sidewalks, cold winds and even colder temperatures all serve to make winter challenging for everyone but even more so for seniors. With their reduced ease of mobility and a greater sensitivity to cold seniors can definitely suffer more during the harsh months of winter. 

Here are some suggestions on how to help your senior loved ones stay safe and warm this winter: 

  • Make certain that your senior has shoes with rubber or non-skid soles. Hopefully, they won’t be out walking when there are icy conditions but if they do venture out rubber-soled shoes provide better traction and hence they have less chance of slipping.
  • Hats, gloves, warm coats and dressing in layers are a must for the cold months.Make certain that your senior dresses appropriately when the temperatures dip and that their winter garments are within easy reach in the closet.
  • It’s important that their home or apartment has adequate light and heating. There is nothing as gloomy as sitting in a poorly lit house that has a distinct chill. Set their thermostat higher and if their building controls the heat, be certain to make the management aware if the heat is insufficient. There are a myriad of electric space heaters from which to choose. Be certain to choose one with excellent safety ratings.
  • Seniors can be lonely during the winter when their chances of going outside and interacting with people become curtailed. Make certain to check in with your senior on a regular basis and take them for outings when the weather conditions aren’t too harsh.
  • Make sure that your senior has enough food in the home to last for at least several days. If a major storm occurs there is a possibility that no one will be able to bring them food until the conditions improve. Simple foods that can be heated on the stove or in the microwave are best.
  • Make certain that you have the furnace inspected and carbon monoxide and fire detectors are installed and working. Winter may have already started but it is not too late to ensure that these things are in good working order.

If you take these few simple measures your senior loved ones will be able to be comfortable, safe and healthy during the winter regardless of how harsh the weather may be. 
Winter hasn’t been too bad (yet!) so be certain to have things ready for when the inevitable storms arrive. 

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