Everyone loves the holidays, right? Mmmm, not so fast because along with the fun and festivities is the stress and aggravation of shopping, planning, preparing and hosting that comes ON TOP OF work and caring for the family. It’s a precarious juggle.

And the season seems to start earlier and earlier doesn’t it? Halloween costumes in August, pilgrim centerpieces in September and menorahs and Christmas lights in October. Sometimes the commercialism and rapid pace makes it too difficult to think about the good parts and what a holiday season should really mean.

Yes, holidays can be complicated enough but when there are senior family members involved sometimes it can get to be even more so. Here’s why:

  • Logistics. Oftentimes seniors are not able to get around as easily as when they were younger hence requiring more complex travel arrangements as well as possible changes in the holiday gathering place (i.e. a full flight of stairs to get into the living room might be a deal breaker for some seniors).
  • Familial disagreement. Dealing with elderly family members can precipitate family discord and when everyone is together at this time of year arguments can erupt.

  • Inappropriate behavior. Elderly people with some dementia may occasionally act inappropriately causing embarrassment at the family gathering.

  • Impatience. Senior family members might have difficulty hearing, seeing and walking and require assistance to get through the celebration.

Adding it all up, it may appear that including your elderly family members in holiday celebrations might be too problematic. I hope that you will reconsider.

  • Seniors are often isolated and lonely. The holiday season provides them with a wonderful opportunity to be INCLUDED and spend time with relatives who they might not see regularly.
  • The importance of seniors at a family gathering should not be understated. They have stories and recollections from the past that can add texture and meaning to the holiday.
  • These same seniors once took YOU to family gatherings and tolerated your tantrums, poor table manners, whining and all the rest that is part and parcel of celebrating with a young child.

There was never a thought of leaving you behind; there should never be a thought of leaving them behind now that they are elderly.

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