Home: It’s a word evocative of familiarity, comfort, security and happiness at any stage of life but even more so as we age and, for many seniors, home is exactly where they want to stay as they get on in years.

For most seniors aging in place is entirely doable and here are just a few things to keep in mind so that you, your friend or family member can stay at home safely and confidently:

  • Take a good look at your comfortable and cozy home and make certain that you plan for and execute any necessary retrofitting. These modifications can be quite minor (changing drawer pulls, putting a handrail in the shower, securing carpets and rugs) or more extensive (widening hallways, installing ramps, renovating bathrooms or kitchens).

  • Regardless of how safe you feel in your home an Emergency Response System should be considered. The ERS will provide peace of mind not only for the senior living at home but for family members as well. Assistance is just a button-click away.

  • Household paperwork, bill-paying, dealing with insurance claims, banks and more can be overwhelming for many people at any age but it can be even more so for a senior. A Daily Money Manager can take over these tasks, ensuring timely and accurate payment of premiums, bills and more.

  • Depending upon the level of necessary medical intervention, the services of a home care worker or geriatric care manager can be beneficial. There are many options available depending upon the care that is required.

  • While staying at home is very often the desired option for seniors, it can be lonely, especially if the senior cannot easily get around by car or public transportation. Once again there are many available options including car services, senior van services, car pools and more. Additionally, the family should ensure that there is ample socialization provided by friends, family or even paid companions.

The feeling of independence and empowerment that comes from being in one’s own home can help provide seniors with a positive mental outlook and sense of well being. With just a little attention to detail and a willingness to make adjustments as circumstances change, seniors should be able to stay at home for the duration.

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